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Marcasite Large 15mm x 8mm Bead
Item #1072439567
Top Beads Precious Metals

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Currently $6.99 First bid $6.99
Quantity 2 Dutch Yes
Time left 8 hrs 8 min+ # of bids 0 bid history
Started Sat Oct 12 05:51:35 2019 Location AZ
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I love the look of this large Marcasite bead. Measuring 15mm in length and about 8mm opening, has a wonderful Weave pattern above and below the marcasite stones.  FREE SHIPPING on purchases totaling $100 or more within the USA!  Shipping is $2.00 for the 1st 5 auctions or purchases - thereafter will be an additional $.25 for each item.  Thank you for visiting.

Marcasite Large 15mm x 8mm Bead (Item # 1072439567)

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