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 Spotlight Auctions
Item DescriptionBidsPrice
   25 - Cloisonne Designer 10mm Beads- -Plum 0$5.99
   10-Large Gold Pendant Bails--20x9mm (4C1) 0$4.99
   Oval Lapis & Sterling Earrings0$7.00
   watch 0$25.00
   10 (5 Pairs) Bali Sterling Silver EARWIRES Earwire0$8.99
   50 Black Glue on Pendant Bails-7x16mm- (4C14) 0$17.00
   50 Gold Glue on Pendant Bails-7x16mm- (4C7) 0$17.00
    Swarovski Heart pendant0$8.99
   Red quartz heart (2 pcs) 0$3.23
   Handcarved Horse Natural Seastone Pendant 0$3.99
   MOB: Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Pink/Purple Cryst 0$1.00
   20-Small Gold Pendant Bails--14x6mm 0$5.99
   SOFT FLEX wire 30 ft. .014in fine BONE0$9.50
   10-Large Silver Pendant Bails--20x9mm 0$4.99
   MOB: Wood Bead set hand made 0$2.00
   50 Gold Glue on Earring Bails-6x10mm- (2B4) 0$17.00
   Multi Colored Lampwork Beaded Bracelet 0$15.99
    Swarovski Snowflake pendant0$8.99
   MOB: Mermaid pendant vessel bead Red/Blonde 0$2.00
   New Handmade Beaded Clip/Barrette 0$5.00
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 Ending Today - Items closing within 24 hours
Item DescriptionBidsPrice
   14KT GF 5mm round beads 10/pk BEST BUY!0$6.50
   Cobalt Triangle, 7mm, 25 Glass Beads 0$4.50
   Siam Ruby, Antique Style Triangle,8mm, 25 Beads 0$5.25
   Magnetic Beads, 6mm Cone, 25 Beads 0$4.50
   2-Beautiful Handcarved Cinnabar Bead-18x32mm (6A1) 0$1.99
   Hearts- Jet Matte Aurora Borealis 6mm 24/pk! 0$2.25
   Magnetic Beads, 8mm Round, 6 Beads 0$4.50
   Cinnabar Hand Carved Large Flower Pendant 35mm 0$3.99
   10-Cinnabar Hand Carved Oval Beads.....12x16mm. 0$3.99
   10-Cinnabar Hand Carved Beads.....14mm 0$4.99
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 New Today - Items posted within 1 day
Item DescriptionBidsPrice
    Frog,Chroust, 17mm by 16mm, 6 Glass Beads 0$5.00
    Montana Blue, Crackle,6mm,Round, 50 Glass Beads 0$4.50
    10-Cinnabar Carved Flower Beads...10mm 0$3.49
    MOB: cowry shell flower pendant with peace sign 0$0.50
    Cat Beads- 6 Lovely Turquoise & Gold 13mm BEST BUY 0$2.50
    Sapphire / Topaz, 4mm Round, 50 Glass Beads 0$3.99
    50-Cloisonne Designer Tube Beads-4x11mm-Emerald 0$4.99
    Celtic, Red Oval with Silver Inlay,25 Glass Bead 0$4.10
    Leaf, Green and Black, 10mm by 12mm, 25 Glass Bead 0$5.20
    Heart- 6 Emerald Window Beads 15mm BEST PRICE! 0$6.75
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