About AuctionBeads.com

Welcome to AuctionBeads.com!  We're excited to have you visiting our auction site dedicated to beads, jewelry, and related products.

How we started...

The idea for AuctionBeads started when the owner of a small web design company became interested in glass work and developed relationships with beaders, jewelry makers, and online and retail bead store owners.  

After spending time with them and listening to their comments, it became evident that there was both a desire and a need for an affordable auction site that was strictly dedicated to beads, jewelry and related products, with an emphasis on being user friendly and easy to navigate.  This led to the birth of AuctionBeads.com.

It is our hope that this site will offer a venue for users to meet, interact, and share in the things that interest them most.  We have input from beaders and jewelry makers and we welcome new input as well.  We have programmers available to help make the site user-friendly and to add new features as our users request them, bringing a blend of technical support into the bead and jewelry picture.  

It is our desire to provide a long-term environment for our users to interact.  If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us at admin@auctionbeads.com and give us the opportunity to help.

You, our users, make up what AuctionBeads really is.

As with many venues, we offer an opportunity for users to meet and interact, sharing the things that they like most.  We actively encourage feedback from our users, and you may contact us any time by sending email to admin@auctionbeads.com.  We would love to hear from you and will do our best to make your experience on AuctionBeads an enjoyable one.

We're excited to continue to see our user community grow, and hope you will stay a while and come back often.  Browse the current auctions, list items if you are a seller, and please Tell-A-Friend about AuctionBeads as well. 

Concerned about safety?

We are sincerely dedicated to making the experience of using our auction site an enjoyable one.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with us any time, we are happy to respond.

Goods and services offered for auction at AuctionBeads are done so by individual sellers.  AuctionBeads.com is not involved in the actual transactions between Buyers and Sellers and assumes no responsibility for actions made based on information or services on AuctionBeads.com.  To help our users build or reflect their reputations as trustworthy, AuctionBeads offers sellers and buyers the chance to contribute to and check each others reputation through a feedback forum.  Each item's listing page has a link to the sellers feedback.  As new users join our community, it may take some time to build a history.  If you have concerns it is recommended you click the "ask seller a question" link on the item page.  You can then use their response as a measure of who you are dealing with.

We think you will find that most sellers are reputable and trustworthy people.  If you do encounter a problem with a seller that you cannot resolve, please notify us at admin@auctionbeads.com and we will be happy to offer what assistance we can.

Is it expensive?

It is always FREE to register at AuctionBeads.com and to browse, bid, or buy items.  Check back often as we offer a terrific venue for sellers to offer those one of a kind items you just won't find in stores.

As a seller at AuctionBeads.com, we offer lower listing fees than other venues (please compare).  We also offer the unique opportunity to earn sellers credit for each and every user you refer to AuctionBeads.  Visit our Tell-A-Friend page for more information.  We also offer incentives to sellers who are interested in helping us advertise and in helping our site grow, please contact us for more information.  Watch for promotions at AuctionBeads that make selling even more enticing, and please contact us with any suggestions or comments you may have.

New to all this?

We're here to help.  If you are new to auctions and are interested in bidding, please visit our How to Bid page for information.  If you would like to sell on AuctionBeads, please give us a try.  You may visit our How to Sell page for more information and once you have items listed, visit our Link To Your Items page for information on linking to them.  Browse our help pages and as always, contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

Most of all, Have Fun!

Take a look around and browse our site frequently.  As more and more sellers offer items at AuctionBeads.com, you never know what you may find!  

Simply go to our main category listing page by clicking here, and choose the category that interests you most.  If you have something specific in mind, try using our search box at the top of every page.  Enter a key word (such as "butterfly") and see what comes up.  You can also visit our site map to see what other pages are available or visit our services page or our frequently asked questions page for answers.

Enjoy, and thank you for considering AuctionBeads.com!